Being a  geographer, I love to travel. Among other things, I went twice to Europe and several times to the Caribbean (see the map)  like  Martinique,  Dominican Republic and Cuba...

I also went a few times to Mexico and the United-States (New-York, Florida...).

I visited the Maritime Provinces, especially Prince-Edward Island and New-Brunswick. I also went to Ontario (Toronto and Ottawa)

and  recently the western part of Canada: Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.



Here are some of my favourite photographes taken during these trips:


1-CUBA: (N-Y.,Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillemo)


2-OTTAWA: (Ottawa, Hull, Rideau hall)

3-MEXICO:  ( Cancun, ...................................  Chi Chen Itza )



Now, here are my trips in chronological order:

01-June 69:    France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

02-April 74:    Spain (Madrid, Toledo and Segovia)

03-Dec.  83:    Florida (Orlando,Daytona, Disney, Epcot ) with "Eastern Airline".

04-April 85:    Martinique Island (near Fort-de-France) with "Nationair".


05-Feb. 89:     Dominican Republic (Puerto Plata, Boca Chica) with "Air-Transat".

06-March 89: Florida (second  time) with "First Air":  Orlando, Daytona Beach, Tarpon Springs...

07- Feb. 90:    Mexico (Acapulco and Taxco) with "Nationair".

08- Feb. 92:    Florida (third time) with "Nationair":  Ft-Lauderdale, Miami, Keys...

09- Feb. 93:    Cuba (Varadero, LaHavane) with "Air Cubana".

10- Dec. 93:    Mexico (second time): Puerto Vallarta with "Air-Transat".

11- April 95:    Florida (fourth time) with my car.

12- April 95:    Ottawa (Terry Fox Center).

13- April 96:     New-York.

14- April 98:     Toronto.

15- Feb.  00:     Dominican Republic (second time): Punta Cana.

16- March 01Ottawa (second time).

17- April 01:     New-York (second time)....before Sep.11th.

18- March 02Mexico (third time): Ixtapa.




19- Feb. 03:      Cuba (Cayo Coco)...........................see above.

20-April 03:      Ottawa (third time)............................see above.




21- Feb. 04:       Mexico (fourth time): Cancun............see above.

22- April 04:      North Carolina (Wilmington)

23- Sep.-Oct. 04: Ottawa (fourth time)  and

                             Western Canada: Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.




24- Mar.-Apr.05: Varadero, CUBA

25- Oct.05: Hershey, Pennsylvania:... "the sweetest place on earth"...

                Hershey fairgrounds:  the biggest CAR SHOW in the world.


26-  Nov. 05 GRECE:   Athena, Corinthe, Epidaure, Kinetta Beach




27- Feb.06:  Ottawa (fifth time)...go to RETURN and RETURN and see "photos 2005-2006".Click

28- Mar.-Apr.06:  Cruise and Dominican Republic (third time)....."photos 2005-2006".Click



29- Two cruises: (see "Photos 2007")

       1- Western Caribbean on the STAR PRINCESS...

       2-Central America on the CARNIVAL LEGEND...

30- Ottawa (sixth time)...Terry-Fox Center (Encounters with Canada by historica).




31- Dominican Republic (fourth time)...see photos 2007-08 on Main Website.


32- Myrtle Beach (South Carolina): a golf trip with 40 golfers.... see pictures 2007-08.


33- Magdalen Island (St-Lawrence Gulf in Canada)

      A beautiful landscape. The islands and dunes blend and stretch out as if deposited by the whims of the sea: ...see pictures 2007-08.


34- Hershey ,Pennsylvania (Third time): Welcome to the sweet, sweet World of Chocolate...see photos 2007-08

                             and Hershey Fall meet.: cars, cars and cars...



35-CUBA, Cienfuegos (fourth time)...  see photos 2009


36- CHINA (Beijing or Pekin and Xian)... see photos 2009


37-Cuba, Varadero (fifth time)... see photos 2010


38-EUROPE via Cruise from New-York to Venise... see photos 2010



39-Atlantique Coast +East Caribbean via Cruise from Quebec city...see photos 2010


40-Cuba, Santa Lucia (sixth time), February 2011


41-Myrtle Beach (South Carolina), April 2011


42-A CRUISE  from New-York city to Quebec city (10 days)...see photos 2011


43-FLORIDA  ...Three months to Deerfield beach (Century Village)


44- Cruise from Fort-Lauderdale on MSC Poesia (10 days, Dec.2012).


45-Cruise from Miami on Carnival Glory (One week, Jan.2013)


46-Cruise on CTMA to Magdalen Island (from Chandler,Que.)


47-Cruise from Miami on Norwegian EPIC....see photos 2013


48-Cruise from Fort Lauderdale on Celebrity ECLIPSE...see 2014